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Epoxy Floor Coating Dallas

Epoxy Floor Coating Dallas

BASEMENT: Now that most of us are settling down from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, we are happy to spend more time at home. Looking around our home, it's natural to find areas that need improvement as we head into Spring and Summer. If not already finished, we may decide that the holidays would have been much more convenient with a finished basement floor. Carpet may not be a possibility due to a variety of issues, such as excessive moisture. A decorative epoxy flooring is the perfect solution. It protects the existing floor while making the space seem like an extension of the main living area of the home. Attractive and durable, our Dallas area contractor can suggest many different finishes that accommodate any design motif.

PATIO: Spending more time enjoying our outdoor living areas may suggest some upgrades in the visual appeal of our patio area. The price range of these upgrades can sometimes be prohibitive, but there is an epoxy flooring solution that fits nearly every budget. The patio surface can look beautiful, decorative and fun with the variety of choices that are available. Neighbors will be asking about this unique choice while joining you for outdoor dining and backyard fun.

GARAGE: Garages are too often an overlooked portion of the home from a decorating standpoint. Certainly this area is primarily functional, but we (and others) pass through this area on a daily basis. We store valuable vehicles, bicycles and storage items in our garages, so there's no reason they shouldn't be as pleasant as the rest of our home. An epoxy floor choice is a rare combination of durability, function and visual appeal.

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